Climate Change: A Paradigm Shift for Investments? A Review of Evidence under Climate Science Research



Sudeep Rathee and Sheeba Kapil


In light of the observed changes in climate patterns, this paper reviews the evidence forwarded under climate science research for analysing the climate related stresses on assets across different sectors. The review provides insights on the need for a shift in investment decisions and portfolio management activities. The paper follows an exploratory research method to focus on key climate science research themes. Thereby, the paper synthesizes the existing scientific information to identify those opportunities in climate change that require climate investments. Additionally, the research also discusses the points of uncertainty for climate investment that arise due the limitations of existing climate science related information and methods. The synthesis of climate science information in the paper will provide a foothold to the interdisciplinary research community in the area of sustainable investments for identification of investable climate assets and insights on the factors of climate science related uncertainty that need to be researched further for their impact on such climate investments.


Climate Investments, Climate Risks, Climate Science, Portfolio Choice, Investment Decision


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