University-Industry Collaboration: An Open Innovation Approach at Hewlett-Packard 23



Vinnie Jauhari and Michel Benard


“In the pursuit of innovation, global firms try to deploy different strategies for innovation. The universities constitute a very important segment for sourcing innovation and working on pre-competitive technologies which have a long term impact. This research assesses the open innovation approach deployed by firms. It also looks at the approach adopted by Hewlett-Packard to focus on technologies which have a long term impact and developed by an open approach involving technical communities around the globe. It tracks the development of technologies such as D Space and its applications and challenges. It also looks at the strategy towards developing Cloud Computing frameworks. The other initiatives include the implementation of the Innovation Research Program spanning the universities across various countries. The opportunities and challenges associated with the open innovation approach are then suggested based on interaction with over two dozen leading academics and industry practitioners.”


Open innovation, University Industry Collaborations, HP lBas Research Communities.


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