Using Customer-Facing Technology to Create New Business Value: Insight from the Public and Private Sector into the Changing Value Equation



Charla Griffy-Brown, Mark Chun and Harvey Koeppel


The objective of this research was to address two main questions regarding self-service and the changing value equation: Has the self-service value equation changed in the current downturn? How can organizations leverage information systems and customerfacing technology to create new value for customers and even attract more customers? Qualitative data collection and analysis of in depth interviews of public and private sector organizations in the US and Australia were conducted from 2007-2010. To ensure accuracy and to promote triangulation, notes from interviews were transcribed, reviewed and verified by key actors in order to increase the reliability of the study (Yin, 1994). The data was coded following the methods described by Yin (1994) and Miles and Huberman (1984). Nvivo software was used for this analysis. Some organizations within the public and private sectors are surviving the economic downturn by leveraging technology to do “more with less” in order to deliver better services to customers. This has been achieved by identifying what costumers value most in order to ensure loyalty: choice, control and convenience. These organizations are particularly focusing on “customer loyalty” and “customer delight” as metrics for success. Many organizations both public and private are struggling with the challenge of identifying value, coupling that with technology strategy and delivering value. This case research provides policy makers and business practitioners with practical insight into value creation for customers or citizens using customer-facing technology.



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