Emerging Technologies in Eye Sight Cor rection: Customers Perspective



Rati Shukla, Anjana Singh


LASIK (Laser in siter kerato milensis) is a form of refractive surgery which intends to correct eye sight error and reduces the need of other visual aids like glasses and contact lenses. With the emergence of latest technologies in the eye care, the aim of this paper is to explore the eye sight correction surgery: LASIK in the National Capital Region of Inida. It would further identify the market segments that have undergone the surgery or intend to do so in the future, hence highlighting the customers\\\\\\\' perception about the same.The research explores upcoming technologies through personal interviews with Eye surgeons in the National Capital Region. The interviews specifically emphasize on the technological milestones in the eye correction area. Further, a questionnaire based survey was conducted, to evaluate customers experience and expectations from these eye care technologies. The study hence, provides a comprehensive overview of the technological high points in the eye sight correction. Also the paper focuses on the various apprehensions raised by customers relating to safety and pricing of these eye surgeries.


Technologies, Eye sight correction, LASIK surgery, customers' satisfaction.


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